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Tan Yu Tou

Eat Infos

Tan Yu Tou
25 Zhushikou Xidajie 珠市口西大街临25号
  • Phone:
    86 (0)10 6301-8885
  • Category
    • Brasserie
  • Opening
    • 10:30am-10pm
  • Howmuch
    • 99
  • Price
    • $

Tan Yu Tou has a very close meaning to ""Sichuan Hotpot"". The name of the restaurant has been smartly chosen because the place specializes in ""Fish head hotpot"". The very spicy and flavoured dishes such as Sichuanese or the most appreciated Chinese dish chicken feet are the kinds of cuisine served here. Tan Yu Tou boasts its culinary experience pretending no other food could be compared to theirs.

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